Impact Stories

Aurora Fire Fighter Jared Baca has been forced to take a leave of absence to care for his wife, son, and daughter after a terrible car accident left them with multiple injuries each, including life-threatening head trauma and brain injuries, which will pave a long and hard road to recovery for his daughter. Among the many people helping support their family, Revital Colorado and OneGoat foundation were able to provide much appreciated financial assistance for the family. They also offer support in the form of retreats for the families and an opportunity to support in the form of counseling to understand and work through this trauma. These are both great groups that we will look to partner with in the near future. 

Chief Garrison
Brighton Fire Rescue District

On December 30, 2021 my house was involved in the Marshall fire, the wildland fires in Superior Colorado. I received a phone call from Jordan Long of Revital and  I was told that I was recommended by Cory Carter of Boulder fire for assistance.  I retired from Boulder Fire after serving 37 years, 21 as a Battalion Chief in 2012. I was called by Jordan Long who told me he had a friend, an associate, Papi, from the OneGoat.  I had no idea who either of these men were who found me at the time I was at my least, they stood up and helped me put my life back together with a financial contribution to help me on my road to recovery. Jordan and Papi sat with me at breakfast with my son and told me that they were there for me. Sometimes people think the fire was humbling, but it was not. I was humbled by the generosity of Papi and his organization who was the first step up to help me with my financial needs. It is with great appreciation and honor that I acknowledge their support  and caring for my situation when I thought I was totally alone. Thank you OneGoat and Papi for your concern and your caring.

Respectfully, with honorable regards, Gilbert A.  Espinoza

I received your generous donation for the Granby Firefighters and we want to thank you so very much! Your donation will help with recruitment and training and allow us to reward our awesome volunteers with incentives throughout the year. I just purchased a bunch of tactical work socks for them as we approach wildfire season again. Thank you and your board so much!

Schelly Olson
Assistant Chief, Administration / Community Risk Reduction Public Information Officer / Wildfire Mitigation Specialist | Grand Fire Protection District No. 1

When I found out what OneGoat was about, wow, was I amazed and excited to be a part of this.

Tony Palato
Retired South Metro Fire Rescue

A special thank you to the OneGoat Foundation for providing financial assistance to help one of our first responders receive a requested therapy.

Jordan Long
Founder of Revital

I view the OneGoat Foundation as a platform to pay respect to first responders who have given a lot and to honor them. I speak for the profession that as first responders we don’t want to receive a lot of the attention. However, there is a lot of importance to paying respect to those first responders and honoring them, especially with everything going on in the country today. First responders need this kind of recognition more than ever.

Dan Brite
Peer Support/Wellness Coordinator, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

…the tickets went to a good group of people and they certainly had good weather.  Actually our retired Chief was in town for it, and he just stopped by my desk now before he heads back to the Omaha area where he now lives (& works).  He was up with his son…. Thank you again for thinking of the MFD and being so very generous!!!! Stay well!! 

Cheryl Fingers
Milwaukee Fire Department

Thanks so much for the generous (financial) gifts you provided Robin and me.  We were amazed at the generosity of you and OneGoat Foundation, and are humbled by your support.  It will be a long road to recovery, but we will get there and your support will help us immensely.  I hope that I can pay it forward someday, when we are in a better place.  I look forward to meeting you some time soon.  Again, thanks for your generosity and support.  

Retired Firefighter Scott Mac

Thank you very much for the (financial support)! I couldn’t believe it, when I got notified.  Your generosity is appreciated by my wife and I both!  I visited your website and appreciate what you do to help first responders who experience incidents that leave them injured and unable to work!  This couldn’t have come at a better time for me and my wife!  
Thank you again,

Officer Allan Fischer 02-1
Patrol Division