Our Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is a group of resources both for profit and non-profit organizations dedicated to supporting first responders.

Our ecosystem works together to provide information, services and a 360 degree of support for our nation’s first responders.

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Neurofeedback is a clinically proven approach to holistic mental health care. At Braincode Centers, we use neurofeedback therapy in conjunction with a number of other research-based treatments to help clients take control of their symptoms and re-train their brain to operate the way it needs to. Everyday stress, mental health disorders, and brain injuries are just a few of the factors that can wreak havoc on your neural pathways. Brain mapping, the first step in the neurofeedback process, allows us to identify areas in the brain that are not functioning at their peak. We use this information to develop a customized neurofeedback treatment plan that features tailored protocols to strengthen those specific areas of the brain – just like you strengthen muscles in the gym. Our non-invasive approach to build awareness helps you lead your best life.

Revital Colorado is here to bring a proactive approach to serving those who serve us. We provide support and encouragement through a variety of services that revitalize mind, body, and spirit to our Frontline.

Code-4 Counseling was founded by husband and wife team Dr. Sara and Chief Nick Metz. From early on in her career, Dr. Sara’s area of focus quickly became the trauma suffered by first responders and she began to study and develop methods to help the individual, couples and their families. Retired Chief of Police Nick Metz led agencies in Seattle and Colorado with special attention to leadership development and wellness programs.