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CO first responders requesting assistance

OneGoat Foundation has fully committed our funds through September 2024. OneGoat will continue awarding financial support starting October 1, 2024. Please continue to complete the form below to be added to our Future Recipient list.

OneGoat Foundation was created to support Colorado first responders with financial assistance when they need it most. Our goal is to give to those first responders that need help financially. We support assistance with mental health and therapy sessions, physical therapy sessions, or just to bridge the gap between receiving worker’s compensation.

There are two qualifications. You must be an active or retired Colorado first responder (Fire, Police, EMS or Dispatch) and in need of support. We are building an organization to give back to those that give so much without asking for help. We want to help, so if you need financial assistance, we will do what we can to provide support.

Complete the form below and one of our representatives will reach out to help.

Thank you for your service, We Are Here.