Our Story & Why OneGoat

Our Mission

Our mission is to support our nation’s first responders through their need of physical or mental health assistance. We are a part of an ecosystem of resources designed to provide first responders with critical support they need. One of OneGoat’s main functions is to bridge financial gaps to first responders. We also strive to fill informational gaps that direct first responders to needed mental, physical, and therapeutic resources in our partner ecosystem.

Our Why

First responders protect and serve their communities without asking for anything in return. A first responder is wired to help, not ask for help. That’s why OneGoat was created. We are dedicated to supporting and giving help to those that give so much to our communities. 

Did you know that:

  • Approximately 88,000 firefighters are injured each year; about 2,000 of their injuries are potentially life-threatening. 
  • Approximately 100,000 police are injured every year.
  • First responders can only work when they’re 100% healthy, so even minor injuries prohibit them from working.
  • Occupational illnesses are also risks for emergency responders. Mental health issues such as cumulative stress, traumatic stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder are concerns for emergency responders. According to the 2004 NIOSH-funded RAND report, Protecting Emergency Responders, “The traumatic nature of major disasters can have significant effects on individual responders and on response organizations as a whole.”

Why OneGoat?

We get this question a lot! The simple answer: we love it and it has a meaningful connection to founding board members. 

The longer answer: GOAT is another way to refer to “the greatest of all time.” We don’t tend to get caught up in the debate over who the NFL’s GOAT is, or if Jordan or LeBron win the GOAT title in the NBA. We know that the true greatest of all time are our nation’s first responders. They protect our communities, run into danger, save lives, and selflessly serve.

So if you ask us who the greatest of all time are, we’ll answer first responders. 

Every single ONE of them.