OneGoat Charity Softball Tourney


Inaugural OneGoat Charity Softball Event Hits Home Run for First Responders

Angels Armor - OG 2021 Softball Champs

2021 OneGoat Charity Softball Champs

OneGoat Foundation and the Avalanche Alumni Association hosted their first-ever softball tournament  on June 18 to support first responders. Eleven teams made up of first responders, Colorado Avalanche alumni, and average Joes battled for the championship. Angels Armor, a team made up of law enforcement officers from across the Denver metro area, took first place in a highly-competitive tournament.

Angels Armor sponsored team was not the only winner  at the tournament. Thanks to our sponsors, players, and attendees, OneGoat Foundation has already been able to put proceeds from the event to work. OneGoat Foundation worked with Revital Colorado to provide sponsorship for a Colorado first responder and their child to receive treatment from Braincode Centers. 

Braincode Centers have three locations in Colorado and provide neurofeedback and counseling to help individuals achieve optimal brain health. 

Did you know?

 It’s estimated that as many as 30% of first responders will develop behavioral health conditions, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. First responders are repeatedly exposed to potentially traumatic events as a result of the emergencies, death, and tragedies they face on a daily basis. Trauma can lead to structural changes within your brain. These structural changes can be mapped and trained to restore and improve functioning. 

Mental health and wellness is critical in today’s society and first responders are exposed to potential traumas every day. OneGoat Foundation has always supported first responders with critical gap funding, and we are honored to now support the healing of the brain to deal with PTSD, anxiety, sleeplessness, and other symptoms that can occur from an average day of protecting our communities. 

Our support of first responders would not have been possible without the support of our tournament title sponsor Ball Corporation. Thank you to Ball for also supplying aluminum cups for the event. We are thrilled to support Ball’s mission for a sustainable planet without plastic. Read more about their mission here

OneGoat Foundation and the Avalanche Alumni Association thank all of our event sponsors; The Schossow Group, Breckenridge Brewery, ANM, and HDSigns for providing us the opportunity to host this amazing event. 

OneGoat Foundation will be hosting our first Colorado First Responders of the Year Annual Celebration (FROYA) on August 8 and 9 to raise funds for our support of Colorado first responders and awareness of their need for critical gap funding and mental health awareness. This year’s Gala and Golf charity event honors two Colorado first responders;  Dan Brite from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Tony Palato, retired South Metro Fire and Rescue. To learn more or attend one of the events click here

OneGoat Foundation is dedicated to providing critical gap funding to our nation’s first responders in times of need. When a workman’s compensation claim is delayed or denied, when special treatments are not covered by insurance, or when first responders and their families experience loss, OneGoat Foundation is there to provide financial support. First responders are everyday heroes – the greatest of all time. Even the greatest of all time need support and assistance from time to time. 

OneGoat Foundation is the first responders organization that takes away financial worry and stress during times of crisis so our everyday heroes can focus on healing. Learn more at

Colorado Avalanche Alumni Association (CAAA)  is open to all former NHL players who currently reside in Colorado. Each player who has worn an NHL sweater carries a special significance to the game of hockey.

Throughout the season the members of the Alumni Association participate in charity hockey games and events to benefit Kroenke Sports Charities and other organizations near and dear to the hearts of the members.