OneGoat 2021


Happy holidays OneGoat friends!

We’ve had an incredible year and are so thankful for your support of and commitment to OneGoat Foundation. Our mission is to support our nation’s first responders with critical gap resourcing (CGR) to bridge the financial or informational gaps that support first responders when they need it most. OneGoat is building an ecosystem that connects nonprofits and organizations supporting first responders. Read on to learn more about who we are, our 2021 accomplishments, and what’s in store for 2022.

What is Critical Gap Resourcing (CGR)?

OneGoat defines CGR as the distribution of funds and resources to first responders in need due to physical injury or mental trauma support. OneGoat Foundation has secured third party-partnerships that offer first responders support through sponsorships or grants to the entity providing services to the first responder. OneGoat provides funds to help bridge financial or connecting resource gaps for first responders that have requested support or have been recommended to us for help. 

A Look Back at 2021

2021 proved to be a game-changing year for OneGoat Foundation. Our inaugural First Responder of the Year Award (FROYA) celebration, honoring two of Colorado’s first responders, raised more than $100,000. The dinner and auction was followed by our second charity golf classic. 

Our 2021 honorees were Douglas County Sheriff Dan Brite and South Metro Fire Rescue Retired FireMedic Tony Palato. You can learn more about Dan and Tony on OneGoat’s YouTube Channel. Dan Brite has continued to advise OneGoat on our CGR partnerships. Tony Palato lost his battle with cancer in September. Tony and his family’s enduring and immeasurable impact on the community and OneGoat Foundation will endure and they will remain an inspiration for years to come. Tony will be our In Memoriam honoree at the FROYA ‘22 Charity Golf event held on June 27 at The Club at Inverness. 

In 2021, OneGoat partnered with the Colorado Avalanche Alumni Association for our first annual charity softball event presented by Ball Corp. OneGoat is committed to following Ball Corp’s mission to eradicate plastic. Their aluminum cups are seen all over the country, and if you have been to an Avs game recently, you’ve had a beverage or two through their efforts. A huge thank you to our supporting sponsors, ANM, Breckenridge Brewery, Mile High Spirits, and HD Signs. With the support of our sponsors and participants, we raised more than $20,000. 

OneGoat continues to be the charity of choice for The Streets at SouthGlenn, through an electronic recycling program that helps residents safely and sustainably recycle their electronics. 

This year has been a year of partnership and growth for OneGoat.  Through the creation of valuable partnerships, we have been able to broaden our impact. Our team has also dedicated time to evaluate our mission and goals to ensure a maximum impact to a most deserving community of heroes.We have partnered with Revital Colorado, Code-4 Counseling, It’s a Calling Foundation, and BrainCode Centers

Together, we are building an ecosystem of nonprofits and businesses that support, treat, or benefit first responders. We look forward to these collaborations and building more to help bring the best resources together and create awareness across our first responder communities. 

The success of our organization always starts with the support of our sponsors. Thank you. 


Lockton Companies of Denver

Action Jackson Realty 



The Xcite Group 

Muertos Coffee 

The Schossow Group 

Black Rock Coffee

The Club at Inverness 

Rocker Spirits

Cholorado Food truck 


Slang Worldwide

HD Signs 


Titan Construction 


Commerce Bank




Looking Forward 

Through a powerful combination of  partnerships, events, and outreach, OneGoat Foundation plans to expand our network of individual donors, connect with corporate donors, and build on our current donation commitments. 

We’re launching a new website in 2022! Our new site will create an easier platform for first responders, their families, and organizations to request support and resources from OneGoat and the first responders resource ecosystem. 

We are excited to be in the planning stages of a new event:  theColorado First Responder Mental Health Conference. We plan to bring in other foundations and organizations that can help or offer support around the mental health needs of first responders. Interested in learning more? We’d love to connect with you. 

We are planning a small corporate program that will help educate corporate leaders on working with local and national nonprofit organizations. 

Expansion is on the horizon!  Members of our OneGoat family and family of Tony Palato want to bring our mission to Florida. More to come about OneGoat’s efforts in Florida and how you can support our growth. 

OneGoat 2022 Events 

Scheduled Events

  • Charity Softball Tournament: June 17 (Redstone Park)
  • FROYA ‘22 Flip Flop Gala and Live Auction: June 26 at the Hilton Inverness Hotel
  • FROYA ‘22 Charity Golf Event: June 27 at The Club at Inverness
  • Inaugural First Responder Mental Health Awareness Conference: Date TBD
  • OneGoat Charity Texas Hold ‘em tournament: Date TBD

How to get involved with a OneGoat event. 

  • Sponsor: Sponsorships are available for individual events. We’d also be happy to customize a multiple event sponsorship upon request.
  • Volunteer: Volunteer at a OneGoat event. Our volunteers are why events run so smoothly. We look forward to having you out there. 
  • Join a Committee: OneGoat Foundation board committees provide critical strategy, planning, and counsel to the OneGoat board. Committee participation is a great way to jump in without the annual commitment of being on the board. As a bonus, it’s an opportunity to learn about the organization to see if you would like to serve in a greater capacity. 

Interested? Contact us to learn more. 

Why is it called OneGoat? 

We get this question a lot!. The simple answer: we love it and it has a meaningful connection to founding board members. 

The longer answer: GOAT is another way to refer to “the greatest of all time.” We don’t tend to get caught up in the debate over who the NFL’s GOAT is, or if Jordan or LeBron win the GOAT title in the NBA. We know that the true greatest of all time are our nation’s first responders. They protect our communities, run into danger, save lives, and selflessly serve.   So if you ask us who the greatest of all time are, we’ll answer first responders.  Every single ONE of them. 

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