Did You Know? The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is Leading the Way in Wellness Services 


The statistics on how work-related stress affects officers are staggering. Common effects of stress include headache, irritability or anger, fatigue, and social withdrawal, among others. And over time, that stress can lead to more severe physical health consequences, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Research also suggests that police officers exhibit higher rates of PTSD than the general population. 

The need for support has never been greater, which is why the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) created a full-time wellness unit that focuses on the mental, physical, social, and spiritual wellness of its members and their families. The unit consists of a wellness coordinator, a chaplain, and a family support coordinator. DCSO also has 24 peer support members that help with taking care of its employees. 

The wellness unit was initially created in 2019 and held about 50 individual mental health sessions that year. Fast forward to the end of 2023, DCSO had 6,200 individual mental health sessions in one year. 

The rapid growth of mental health services usage demonstrates that not only is the culture of DCSO very supportive of taking care of their employees, but it also speaks to the incredible need for mental health resources within the profession. 

The DCSO wellness unit goes beyond the standard mental health services and also offers resources on a “self-care menu” that covers everything from estate planning, free college, and personal finance education to an in-house chiropractor, massage therapist, and neurofeedback. They have also partnered with some amazing local organizations that provide first responder and military veteran marriage retreats, real estate assistance, outdoor recreation, and meal prep planning.

The program has undoubtedly saved careers, marriages and lives. We look forward to watching them continue to set the standard for taking care of the GOATs (Greatest of All Time) who wear the badge. 

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